Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is now living one of the most challenging and exciting moments of its recent history. The digital revolution is impacting both products and processes of the manufacturing companies, following the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

The combination of functional technology with information technology, mobile solutions and advanced analysis will make operations more visible and real-time information more available to employees.

Industry 4.0 is a tremendous opportunity for all the manufacturing areas. Programs are more intelligent and make less mistakes; by using complex algorithms and monitoring, they auto-optimize themselves and anticipate their maintenance requirements. Thanks to these breakthroughs, manufacturing companies are positively more efficient and processes are optimized.

A modern company’s Supply Chain is composed by a huge quantity of complex and cross-enterprise interactions, and traditional ERP systems – designed for internal operations – cannot manage such a large amount of data. Today, supply chains are not simple straight lines, but extensive networks; the ideal ERP system has to be a shared platform, open to all network users, through which they can implement common processes and share all the necessary information.

Thanks to a specialized team, CST Suisse designs cutting-edge solutions, fitted for the customer, which can promptly meet their evolving needs.

CST Suisse‘s firm grasp of many SAP software (ECTR – VE – MII – ME – PCO-IOT) ensures the connection of the manufacturing department with all the other company’s departments, thus enabling a continuous monitoring and a rapid action, whenever needed.

Lastly, a complete and actual vision on the entire production process helps control and manage all the works in progress, in order to optimize performance and profitability.

Thanks to SAP technology, CST Suisse designed a methodological approach for the implementation of solutions: Cloud Manufacturing as a Service. This methodology digitalizes production facilities, coordinates them via Cloud systems and puts them under central management.

CST supports this approach and believes that manufacturing industries will become ecosystems based on the integration and cooperation between distant remote resources and applications.

Graphic source is DFKI.