Human Resources

CST Suisse has a team of professionals, highly specialized in Human Capital Management, which has a thorough knowledge of HR processes and can be a unique representative for its clients. We combine the knowledge of HR processes with all the administration and security features thanks to our on-going use of cutting-edge technologies.

We can help you understand the potentialities, integration and optimization of the available software solutions, in order to meet your company’s real needs and dynamics.

We support you in the assessment of the Human Resources department rearrangement following the SAP Human Capital Management solution implementation and we manage Change Management.

CST Suisse offers solutions to manage HR processes – such as database of personal details, training, development, recruiting, compensation etc. – aimed at their optimization and improvement.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach based on consultancy, training and technology aimed at managing HR development and growth.

CST Suisse’s projects abide by the standard methods and include a detailed knowledge of HR processes and a firm grasp of market-leading technologies such as SAP SuccessFactors.

In regards to integration, our CST4HR suite integrates SAP SuccessFactors processes with Payroll and Time Management¬†– related processes, together with those processes that are typically associated with company’s expense accounts, which we manage through our proprietary software, CST MTTBox.