Finance & Accounting

Thanks to a solid grasp of the administration and financial areas, CST Suisse helps you make your administration, financial and management processes more effective and efficient, in order to meet your demands and implement business strategies, by performing high-quality work and thus guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Which factors are shaping the Finance Manager’s influence on the company?¬†Which technology areas are the most critical for their functions?

CFOs must face the increasing demand for access to the right information at the right moment in order to make the right decisions.
Thanks to the main features of SAP and Enterprise Information Management solutions, CST Suisse helps CFOs combine their business performance management skills with scalable technology, so that they can create and guarantee business value.

Our solutions provide Customers with a support for a more efficient and better estate, cash flow and company’s investments management.

Our areas of expertise include:


  • multi-level accounting
  • assets management


  • centralized treasury
  • liquidity forecasts
  • financial report
  • financial products


  • profit forecast
  • product cost management
  • cost analysis
  • job order accounting management
  • budget management and forecast
  • financial and analytical dashboard reporting

Moreover, CST Suisse offers 2 specific solutions: Accounts Payable Solution (APS) and Accounts Receivable Solution (ARS).

They are web based solutions for the management and automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable. These solutions are developed on a IBM FileNet platform, they are natively integrated with SAP systems and can be integrated with other ERP systems. They automatize approval cycles by using Business Process Management, which guarantees the definition of cash flows.

CST APS solution manages all the accounts payable; it blends with company’s processes in order to optimize the internal authorization process, from budget management to electronic storage of documents.

CST ARS solution manages all the accounts receivable; it blends with company’s processes in order to optimize the internal authorization process, from checking the offer to the electronic storage of documents and Digital Mailing.

The achievable benefits of the Receivables and Payables Digitalization projects are multi-faceted: they are not limited to processes efficiency and efficacy, but they also include real impacts on key business performance.
A tool for the automation of receivables and payables can impact on:

Furthermore, these solutions enable Electronic Invoicing and document Storage.