CST Suisse helps you develop and manage your cloud adoption process by migrating your current systems and applications or installing brand new infrastructure and solutions: ERP management system, solutions for business trips and expense accounts, disaster recovery, reporting systems, data storage, SAP Simple Finance…

Moreover, thanks to our long-decade experience and thorough knowledge of all business processes, we can help you with virtualisation projects, application migration to the cloud, installation and deployment of private, public or hybrid cloud solutions.

CST Suisse has chosen to specialize in the Cloud environment. However, what is the benefit of Cloud computing? The benefit of Cloud computing does not lie in the technology itself, which nowadays is largely used, but in the consultancy service. By integrating functional competences and technologies, we enable the technical implementation of our customers’ language and provide a solid answer to their business-related needs.

We use the knowledge of business processes to guide the user into the most suited plan of action and create customized systems that also meet IT department’s budget requirements.

In addition, CST Suisse provides a complete outsourcing service, which ranges from basic to full outsourcing of document processes: from collecting documents to scanning, indexing, storing and, whenever needed, digitalizing them.

The outsourcing system runs on our Data Center and it is accessible to clients through a simple web-based interface.

Furthermore, we guarantee Business Process Management on demand and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.