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Transforms companies' business by improving information management and process optimization and relying on innovative technologies

Creativity as an essential part of our work method

On-going interaction as a tool for cooperation

Attention to clients, suppliers and coworkers as respect and listening

Problem solving as the main solving method

Speed and dynamism as a never-ending energy

Our skills

Content & Business Process Management
Enterprise Information Management combines Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM), uses their different approaches to their full potential to manage company’s information.
Human Resources
CST Suisse combines the knowledge of HR processes with all the administration and security features thanks to our on-going use of cutting-edge technologies. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach based on consultancy, training and technology.
Finance & Accounting
Thanks to a solid grasp of the administration and financial areas, CST Suisse helps you make your administration, financial and management processes more effective and efficient, in order to meet your demands and implement business strategies.
Industry 4.0
The digital revolution is impacting both products and processes of the manufacturing companies, following the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Thanks to these breakthroughs, manufacturing companies are positively more efficient and processes are optimized.
CST Suisse‘s area of expertise provides the client with the necessary skills to take full advantage of technology functions and innovation and thus focus only on income generating activities.
CST Suisse helps you develop and manage your Cloud adoption process by migrating your current systems and applications or installing brand new infrastructure and solutions. CST Suisse has chosen to specialize in the Cloud environment.
Analytics & Performance Management
CST Suisse supports the information governance process by guaranteeing that companies will be able to meet business requirements in a quick and accurate way and handle huge amounts of data by extracting any necessary information.